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Anna de la Paz integrates the color and spectacle of Spanish dance with the excitement and magic of theater and live music. The production takes the audience on a journey in time throughout Spain and abroad. The show demonstrates how geography has impacted Spanish dance by exploring how dance is interpreted in the center of Spain versus the south of Spain; how the northern provincial dances are greatly influenced by northern European music and folklore, and how the dances emanating from the south have more Middle Eastern influences. If you would like to bring “Migración” to your venue, contact Anna de la Paz.

Three options:

  1. 1. Anna de la Paz, two other dancers and two musicians
  2. 2. Anna de la Paz, two musicians
  3. 3. Anna de la Paz, one musician

* Prices vary according to the number of artists participating in the production.

Anna de la Paz Spanish Dance Performances NY Anna de la Paz Spanish Dance Performances NY Anna de la Paz Spanish Dance Productions NY



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