Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to class?

I prefer my beginner students to come to class in workout/yoga clothes, and not wear a flamenco skirt at first. It is important for me to see the alignment of the body to ensure proper technique and prevent any type of injury. Skirts make that a little more challenging.

Do I need to buy flamenco shoes?

If my beginner students do not want to invest in a pair of flamenco shoes which can be costly, I recommend purchasing character shoes. My students can receive a discount on character shoes at Kiddie Shoes in Rockland Plaza, 70 E. Rte 59, Nanuet, NY.

Where can I purchase flamenco dance gear?

For flamenco skirts, shoes, castanets and accessories, I recommend

Castanets: I recommend the Pandero number 5 castanets.

Directions to the studio.

Helen Hayes Studios are located at 142 Main Street. The entrance is in the rear of the building and has an orange awning that says "Helen Hayes Youth Theatre" above it. The entrance can be accessed from the parking lot that is adjacent to the Panda Garden Chinese take-out restaurant.



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